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"A very flexible order and delivery process to facilitate the work of professionals"

Our laboratory operates 7 days a week, including public holidays, to guarantee our restaurant customers a tailor-made, optimal and rapid supply.


Daily deliveries are made by our staff in negative cold vehicles. Our general conditions do not provide for a minimum order and delivery is not invoiced.


Restaurateurs place orders by phone or text at any time. They are delivered on D + 1. In case of need we help out by delivering the same day of the order.


"A tailor-made offer"

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Tailor-made containers


We make available to restaurateurs a variety of containers ranging from individual jars of various sizes, to 2.5 or 5 liter restorers


Likewise, in the form of 5-liter disposable bags, we offer all of our perfumes in an ice cream or sorbet mix for Italian ice cream machines.



A wide variety of fragrances (list of flavors on the left)


The list of our 120 flavors can be found opposite
Beyond this list, we are at the disposal of our restaurant customers to offer them either tailor-made perfumes, with original flavors with peppers, herbs or various spices….


We are also developing, in partnership with the chefs, exclusive fragrances for a season, giving the restaurant owner the opportunity for a special communication and an original menu.


Personalized treatment of our customers

Our laboratory regularly updates the list of preferences of our customers: a more or less full-bodied vanilla, a less sweet sorbet, a slightly or more strongly spicy or peppery fragrance, etc.


All our production respects daily these wishes recorded in our files. It is therefore a very personalized production that we offer.



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Maison Christine Champault, glacier PAris 6 glaces paris 6

Maison Christine Champault, glacier PAris 6 glaces paris 6

La maison christin,e champault est reconnue comme le meilleur glacier de Paris 6, glaces paris, yaourts glacés paris

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La maison Christine Champault est fière de vous présenter ses nouvelles glaces Paris et ses yaourts glacés à Paris. N'hésitez pas à venir déguster de merveilleux yaourts glacés et vous régaler avec les meilleures glaces de paris 6.

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